Supramap a tool to map evol trees onto a globe

March 3, 2008 at 9:44 am (bioinformatics, genome) (, , , )

interesting note to self should explore this one day.. — Geographic mapping of evolutionary trees projected into a virtual globe allows users to analyze the spread of the organismal lineages into areas of interest. When all these data are integrated, we can visualize patterns in or to develop and test hypotheses. For example, we have used supramap to combine phylogenetic and virtual globe technologies to pinpoint which strains of a virus are infecting which hosts in specific areas (Janies et al., 2007). Finally, because phylogenetic analysis groups like strains into lineages, information drawn from limited experimentation on one strain in a lineage can be used to predict the properties of another strain in the lineage. This transitive property of phylogenetic inference will help us predict which strains are capable of infecting humans, are pathogenic, and/or are resistant to drugs. These capabilities are valuable to the public health community to make informed decisions on where and how to allocate resources to prepare for emerging diseases.


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