Comment: Putting evolutionary theory into practice – opinion – 06 May 2008 – New Scientist

May 7, 2008 at 8:03 am (evolution, journal, review) (, , )

fascinating thoughts and a new journal! Didn’t know there can be a field called applied evolution. although I have to disagree that it has only surfaced recently on how fast evolution can be.

One of the earliest research I have read about genetics and applied evol pressure is done on guppies size variation in Trinidad due to predator pressure.

how ‘fast’ evolution proceeds is in most parts due to the lifespan and reproductive patterns of the organism in question.


— Nesse says that progress is being hampered by the fact that many medics still think of the body as a machine designed by an engineer, when in fact it is a “bundle of compromises … designed to maximise reproduction, not health”. There is no question about the importance of applied evolution. The trouble is, if biologists themselves are only just waking up to how relevant and crucial evolution can be, what hope is there of educating the leaders and policy makers who need to understand and act upon this research? Not much, I fear.


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