Odds of losing ur Lab notebook vs ur Enotebook

September 5, 2008 at 9:15 am (bioinformatics, review, tips) (, )

interesting cross discussions at Saunder’s blog about archiving your lab notebook here

and another person’s take on it which kinda reflects my own opinions .. my previous notebook was a word document it certainly is more helpful cos I dun have to flip pages but jus do a crtl-F

interestingly they both didn’t talk about the odds of having the information lost due to spilled reagents or gasp ur lab notebook catching fire. I don’t think a dog would wanna eat that dirty notebook though. But i think that in some sense an E-notebook is more liable to have data loss.

of course there are safeguards to have to prevent the data loss due to harddisk failures. But I think along the way from the bench to the computer, its likely that one forgets to insert some data..

hmm incoherent? sorry brain is abit scrambled trying to figure out ensembl annotation pipeline. anyway hope you all have a nice weekend! heh next weekend i be travelling down to Cambridge Hinxton for Ensembl User Meeting .. hopefully I get my answers!


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  1. Alethea said,

    Hi – did you run into this yet?


    Is the loss of data from your re-entering notes into a typed document worse than when you write your cell counts on a scrap of paper from the tissue culture room, then bring it out to copy in your paper notebook without re-copying the multiplication?

    Have a nice W/E yourself.

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