Moving to Ubuntu 9.04

September 2, 2009 at 9:39 am (ubuntu) (, , , )

Finally made the move!

My old version was no longer supported (read respository servers are gone!)

I needed a bit of house cleaing (read I have files which i have no use for and don’t know if i shld del)

so the move was needed.

I wanted to use LTS (long term support)

but by a twist of fate i ended up with 9.04 amd64 no less (to make use of the 16gb ram that i got)

I must say the upgrade IS an upgrade. the graphics are slicker and more imptly they are faster!

the migration went well. So far I didn’t have to recustomize most of my settings. Just copying the profiles sorted everything.

but have the usual hiccups of having to reinstalling

  1. sun java 6
  2. flock-browser (why can’t i just copy it over?? had to get the deb from
  3. gnome-vim (why doesn’t this ship with ubuntu as default?)
  4. 64bit flash player (hmm haven’t gotten down to this yet)

But I must say the advantages are

  1. better support for HP network printers (yeah! no more manual setups with IP addresses)
  2. Google-chrome works!
  3. did I mention again that its faster and slicker?

after looking at gOS I might even fiddle to get a Mac look just to be the envy of my less techy frens

so far I haven’t met a prob like nsaunders.. with upgraded packages but will keep a note for his method

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