Rename Multiple Files Efficiently Using Excel or Google Docs

March 5, 2008 at 8:06 am (software, tips, winxp) (, , , , , )


batch renaming is what I picked up perl for in the first place. Then I found interesting software like 14arename (win only). I then also picked up abit of SED and AWK in linux.

I know about the batch rename feature in winxp but it didn’t occur to me I could do it in excel. Basically this page teaches you to use

“use SUBSTITUTE to change specific text in the filenames, use CONCATENATE() with DATE() if you want to add date to the filename, etc.” to create a column of rename commands in DOS. something like

ren  abcd.fa abcd.gbk

very old school i know but hey its a godsend in your colleagues windows box with no admin rights to install anything.


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